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    "When a card shifts, it becomes the named card. It remains this way if it leaves to play."

    "Карта-Перевертыш" Карта превращается в такую карту, как указанно в ее тексте. И остается такой пока не выйдет из игры, и если нет других условий.
    Категории раздела
    Lookout [1]
    Whenever this unit begins defending, ready it.
    Hidden [8]
    You can play your card that has the Hidden keyword as a combat action when your avatar is a combatant.
    Guardian [2]
    Your unit that has a Guardian keyword can't begin or join a raid.
    Frenzy [1]
    Whenever you play another card, your card that have a Frenzy keyword gets +1 attack until the end of the turn.
    Fabled [0]
    At the start of a raid game, you may play one card that has this keyword from your deck at no cost.
    Attuned [0]
    The faction of a card that has the Attuned keyword changes to match the faction of its owner's avatar.
    Immobile [1]
    Your unit that has this keyword can't be moved.
    Overwhelm [0]
    Creates an additional level token if you have the most units at the quest where you apply the ability - part of an overall theme encouraging decks that mix card types.
    Protector [1]
    Whenever your unit that has the Protector keyword is ready and your opponent applies an ability at the same quest, that ability creates one less level token.
    Reinforce [3]
    Whenever combat is about to begin involving a friendly unit at a different quest, if your unit with Reinforce ready, you may move it to that quest.
    Restore [0]
    When you play a card that has this keyword, you may ready a unit.
    Sentinel [1]
    Whenever an opposing unit is played at the same quest, your unit with Sentinel gets +2 defense until the and of the turn.
    Vigilant [0]
    Whenever an opponent attempts a quest where you have a unit that has this keyword, put a vigilance token on that unit. Each unit that has this keyword tells you in its game text how to use its vigilance tokens.
    Rune [5]
    When your combatant has a Rune and is dealt damage, the rune takes damage firs. Each Rune has a rating for how much damage it can absorb. Runes are removed when combat ends.
    Link [1]
    Linking one card to another allows for an ongoing effect that lasts until either card leaves play.
    Search [5]
    When you search your deck for a card, reveal it, and then shuffle your deck.
    Spectral [1]
    This unit can't be affected by other cards.
    Legend [16]
    You can't play another unit card with the same title as your unit card that has the Legend keyword.
    Charge [6]
    Whenever you play this card, put (..2..3) charge on it. At the and of your turn, remove a charge token from this card.
    One-Hand [1]
    When you play this item, choose primary or secondary restriction. This item gets that restriction.
    Adventurer [3]
    Whenever you win a combat involving this unit, place a level token at it's quest.
    Tithe [1]
    At the end of your turn, if there are 2 or fewer tokens of this card, you may discard a card. If you do, put a token on this card.
    Opposite Faction [0]
    Light and shadow are opposite factions. Neutral has no opposite.
    Influence [7]
    You have influence if there are 4 or more total levels on all your abilities.
    Mark [0]
    Whenever a marked card takes any amount of damage, deal 1 additional damage to it. Marks are removed when combat ends.
    Shift [0]
    When a card shifts, it becomes the named card. It remains this way if it leaves to play.
    Conquest [2]
    This card costs -1 power to play if your avatar has won a combat this turn.
    Durable [0]
    This unit can't leave play unless it has 0 heals.
    Invulnerable [0]
    An invulnerable takes no damage.
    Blockade [0]
    Whenever your opponet applies an ability to a quest where you have one or more units with blockade, that ability creates one less level token.

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